Who Are We?

THE SOCIAL CIO is an informal consortium of likeminded and dynamic individuals who have  embraced social media and the opportunity it represents to facilitate interaction, learn, share and collaborate in IT, hardware, software & services.

Participating professionals are also eager to  share their social experiences, successes and knowledge with all through contributing to THE SOCIAL CIO blog.

“Alone we can do so little;  together we can do so much!”

THE SOCIAL CIO bloggers are:

Jeff Ashcroft @JeffAshcroft SupplyChainNetwork


Jeff Ashcroft, has over twenty years experience in the retailing, distribution, marketing, systems, third party logistics and supply chain management business areas. Jeff’s career began with The Hudson’s Bay Company where over the course of 15 years he moved from a part time role on the warehouse floor to one of the most senior logistics positions in the firm. In 1993 Jeff joined Tibbett & Britten Group as Director of Development and was key to the rapid design and deployment of Wal-Mart’s Third Party distribution and transportation network supporting their successful entry into Canada in 1994. In 1997, Jeff launched Strategic Logistics Partners providing unique and innovative services to firms on the leading edge of logistics, SCM and RFID. Jeff’s most recent prior role was Vice President Logistics/Supply Chain and Retail & Consumer Products Advisory Leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Canada. Jeff currently leads the SCN Project at Strategic Logistics Partners also providing direction and content for the SupplyChainNetwork.com site. He is also Founder/Director of WORLD a relief logistics charity and a Founder of the Airship Z-Prize to recreate cargo airships.

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Linda Cureton @curetonl NASA CIO Blog

Linda Cureton

Linda Y. Cureton is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). As NASA CIO, she provides the requisite leadership to transform the management of information technology (IT) capabilities and services to support and enable NASA’s mission. She ensures that the Agency’s information resource management (IRM) strategy is in alignment with NASA’s vision, mission, and strategic goals. Accordingly, Ms. Cureton ensures the development of integrated IRM strategies, including standards, policies, NASA Enterprise Architecture, IT security, management, and operations. She has the responsibility, authority and accountability for ensuring that NASA’s information assets are selected, controlled and evaluated consistent with federal policies, procedures, and legislation.

Ms. Cureton was appointed as the NASA CIO in September 2009. Prior to this appointment, Ms. Linda Y. Cureton served as the CIO of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and led the Information Technology and Communications Directorate. As the GSFC CIO, Ms. Cureton was responsible for ensuring that GSFC’s information assets are acquired and managed consistent with Agency and Federal Government policies. She was responsible for ensuring that the Center’s Information Technology strategy aligns with NASA’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.

Prior to her arrival at GSFC, Ms. Cureton was the Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) and led the Office of Science and Technology as Deputy Assistant Director. The Office of Science and Technology is responsible for providing leadership in the innovative and efficient application of science and technology used to collect, clarify, and communicate information needed to reduce violent crime, collect revenue and protect the public. As the ATF Deputy CIO, she was responsible for ensuring that the use of Information Technology for the Bureau’s mission and business requirements fulfill customer and stakeholder needs.

Previously, Ms. Cureton served in executive positions at the Department of Energy and the Department of Justice.

As a strong advocate for the practical application of technology, she has served as a member of organizations such as the Government Information Technology Investment Council, the American Council for Technology, and Women in Technology.

Ms. Cureton earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Howard University in 1980 graduating magna cum laude with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Latin. She also received a Master of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University in 1994, and a Post-Master’s Advanced Certificate in Applied Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University in 1996. She performed extensive research in numerical analysis and has been published in the “Journal of Sound and Vibration.”

She currently resides in Maryland with her husband and mother.

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Krista Napier @KristaNapierIDC Canada


As a Senior Analyst with IDC in the areas of emerging technology and competitive intelligence, Krista spearheads IDC Canada’s Technology Innovation Watch, which highlights up-and-coming Canadian technology stars, and IDC Canada’s Market Acceleration Program, an initiative designed to help emerging Canadian IT companies bring their products and services to market. As an industry speaker and media commentator, Krista has extensive insights into hot topics such as new media, cloud computing, and mobile/wireless.

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